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19 July, 2012 - 8:33 p.m.

Hello dear long-abandoned and neglected diary! What with life, a teenager, a toddler and a rollercoaster of a relationship, (oh and Facebook and Pinterest) I have been a very neglectful diary writer! My apologies! I won't promise I'm back, as in reality this is probably just a pop in to say hi.

So much has happened since my last entry, over a year ago, that I don't know where to begin, or how to limit or condense it. A few bullet points maybe? Yeah, let's go with that...

1: † Newman and I have had a rocky year and a half. We split up, got back together, split up, got back together, split up, got back together, yeah you get the idea! I'm hoping that our latest try at this will work. I love the bugger! Despite how monumentally shittily he has treated me at times!

2: † K had her spinal surgery just over a year ago. It was the scariest time of my life. I have never been so scared! But oddly it was also a really enjoyable time! I think because of the elation of her recovery. I had convinced myself she was going to die during the operation (as there was a good chance). So when I got the call to say she was out of surgery and back in HDU (High Dependency Unit) I experienced the biggest high of my life! And from then on, despite the fact she had to be put on a ventilator and have a blood transfusion the following night, it was such an amazing experience. The fear wasnít nice. But most of that 10 days in hospital was good! They said she mightnít survive the surgery. She DID! They said her heart mightnít survive the tough recovery. It DID! They said she would almost certainly have to fight a tricky chest infection (and maybe other infections) post-op because of her heart. She DIDNíT!! They said she would have to stay in hospital for 2 weeks. She was out in 8 days! It was a tough time, but one of the most amazing and positive experiences of my life! We stayed in the hospital with her. We had a room in the ďRonald McDonald charityĒ family accommodation, on the top floor of the hospital, which was wonderful. Better than any hotel or B&B. Really homely. But I spent most of my nights in the parent bed next to Kís bed on the ward, while Newman and Monkey slept upstairs. 13 months on, K is back to doing everything she could do before! Apart from the scar and slightly less range of movement than before, you would never know what sheís been through. And sheís also gained a couple of inches in height!

3: †I lost my best friend. No, he didnít die. Well, at least, I donít think he did! He just very suddenly removed himself from my life without warning or explanation. I was going through one of my break-ups with Newman. I spoke to him (my best friend) on the phone and he was as lovely and supportive as ever. He was just off out shopping with his girlfriend but said if I needed him at any time during the day heíd be there! But when I called him later that day, there was no answer. Same happened for the next few phone calls. And he didnít return my texts either. A few weeks later, I texted to see if he was still alive! (I knew he was as he had left notes here on Diaryland for other diarists!) But I thought Iíd give him a chance. Desperately hoping heíd take it!! It was a friendly, non-accusing text, an olive branch if you will. But, no, still no response. I miss him so much and it torments me constantly. Was I such a bad friend?? Was I too demanding?? Did he just get sick and tired of my constant dramas?? Am I just a horrible person?? How did I lose my best friend?? One of the people I love most in this world. I just wish I knew.

4: † Monkey starts nursery in September and Iím dreading it!! I canít believe my monkey is nearly 4! And I really donít know how Iím going to cope being apart from him for 2 and a half hours a day!

5: † Leo, my cat that went missing for 2 and a half years, was found safe and well and was returned to me last month! But hated being back so much he has since escaped!

Well thatís about it. Iím well aware this wasnít the best read youíve ever had, but Iím glad to have it documented and to have got rid of that damned ďOver 3 months agoĒ bit from my name in the buddies list!

High: † Kís amazing recovery from her surgery.
†Low: † Ups and downs and losing my best friend.


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